Whispers Of Rest

Whispers Of Rest

Listen to His Whispers and Lean into Jesus

By June 14, 2019 2 Comments

Sometimes, the world can make you feel small. It can be a crowded place, so many voices. Loud. Insistent that you have something to show. For who you are. And what you have to offer.

What you hold in your heart — faith, hope, and love — can feel inadequate.

As you see what others are offering, you may be tempted to put your hopes and dreams back in your pocket. And close the door of your heart to the possibility of who you really are.

Don’t listen to those voices. Step closer to the One Voice who knows you. Who created you with all you are. He knows what you’ve been through. Let His complete understanding and love wash over you.⁣

Listen to the One who saw you the very moment you were born. When you broke into this world, helpless, eyes shut, fingers balled up in trembling fists, lungs blaring with hungry cries, God saw you. And loved you. Completely.

You are exactly the way God dreamed of you when He made you lovingly in the secret place. You are still that same Beloved. When He looks straight into the secret places within you, God sees the real you.

Jesus whispers, Lean into me.

Jesus still says — Yes, beloved.⁣
Yes, I still love you.⁣
Yes, your idea is still good. Very good.⁣
Yes, I will help you.⁣
Yes, I know it feels hard.⁣
But, just look into my gaze.⁣
Feel my hand in yours.⁣
Yes. We can do it together.⁣
Say yes.⁣

For me, saying yes means picking up my pen to journal. Because it is very tempting to just stay quiet and ignore my heart and what’s really going inside. To stop hiding my heart and allow the words from my heart to flow. Have you noticed, if you start writing, your words will lead you somewhere you didn’t expect them to go?

Even though my heart always came alive whenever I wrote in my journal as a little girl, I once stopped journaling after college. I wrote papers as a college student and, later for work, as a high-tech professional. But I forgot about words. The ones from my heart. I didn’t think it was important to talk about what was happening and how I felt. What would be the point? I told myself.

So now when my heart feels stuck, I can fall into that old pattern of hiding my heart. I do something that might seem so insignificant – that no one would ever miss… to be continued on (in)courage where I’m posting todayRead the rest of  “Why It Takes Courage to Rest and Let God Love You Deeper

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