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How to Fight the Lies of Perfectionism

By October 13, 2018 Leave a Comment

I used to tell myself, “I have to stop being a perfectionist!” Can anyone else hear the irony of those words?

One of the biggest traps I often fall into is the notion that I can get rid of perfectionism.

If only I had more confidence in myself . . .
If only I could let go of the past . . .
If only I trusted God more . . .
If only . . .

All this if only talk doesn’t help me. I criticize myself, spiraling into feeling frozen and discouraged, whenever I feel inspired to try something new. My focus to overcome my flaws keeps me imprisoned in doubts.

As you see what others are offering, you may be tempted to put your hopes and dreams back in your pocket and close the door to who you really are. Don’t listen to those voices. Step closer to the One who knows you, who created you with all you are. He knows what you’ve been through.

Jesus says to you, I still love you. Yes, your idea is good. I know it feels hard, but I will help you. Just look at My gaze, and feel My hand in yours. Yes, we can do it together. Say yes. 

God isn’t waiting for you to be better. God wants to love you deeper.

I’ve found the voice of perfectionism always tries to stop me. The newer the step, the louder the criticisms of perfectionism become. It’s become so predictable that I realized it’s a good sign! It means I’m about to do something real and new with Jesus. It means I’m about to step out of my box of safety and hold onto God’s love instead.

Part of being human is experiencing our weaknesses, but it doesn’t have to control the choices we make. Whenever I’m afraid of failure or what others think about me, I ask myself, “What if I started relying on God’s love for me rather than on how I feel about myself?”

I call this taking The Soul Care Love Dare. I challenge myself to take better care of myself. I begin to refill my tank with joy and peace, rather than trying to fix my flaws or hiding my heart. I begin to practice soul care, and as I do, I find ammo to combat the top five lies of perfectionism.

Here are the 5 Lies of Perfectionism
and the 5 Truths to Set Your Heart Free…

Lie #1: …

(to be continued)

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