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Heal Your Heart –Friday FB Live Today! Join Me! (Mental Health & Faith)

By September 8, 2017 Leave a Comment

Emotional wounds are real. But emotional wellness and faith is healing!

Join me live today at 12:30pm ET, friend!

Topics include: Why we hold back our hearts from healing, a personal story from my own childhood, why need therapy if we already have God’s word? Bonus: The 411 on therapy on the type of therapy that worked for me.

Let’s bust some myths & shine the truth about mental health & faith! Friday 12/8 @12:30pm ET/11:30am CT/9:30am PT

Click here to Watch the Live Video:  http://Facebook.com/thebonniegray

Do you think worrying, being anxious or depressed means your faith is weak? It’s NOT true. Emotional stress is real.

We must end the stigma.I couldn’t stay silent. The response to my article about mental health and faith has been so phenomenal – over 7,000+ shares on RELEVANT Magazine – I want to do a live video to chat about all with you!

Last week RELEVANT Magazine published my article on emotional trauma “Having Mental Health Issues Doesn’t Mean You’re a Bad Christian” https://relevantmagazine.com/…/having-mental-health-issues…/

I know, because I’ve walked the journey to heal and I’m busting myths and shining the truth about mental health and faith with my personal story – in a BIG way!

Soak in the goodness and share with friends to encourage them!

Pick up copies of my books, friends! I wrote it all for you, with all my heart and soul http://whispersofrest.com




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