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Whispers Of Rest

Give Yourself Permission to Take Better Care of You

By September 20, 2018 Leave a Comment

You’re worth taking care of! As women, we all need permission to fill our tanks and prioritize our wellbeing, right? Learn how to combat the stress of constantly comparing yourself to who you wish you were or what others want you to be. Take better care of yourself, so you can find your spark again with God!

I’m kicking off a SPECIAL PODCAST SERIES ON SOUL CARE to give you permission to take better care of yourself – which will lead to taking care of others in your life better too. Because as you get filled, it’ll be like a river naturally flowing out!

Learn practical soul care tips for the week & get inspired with God’s Word! Take a #coffeebreakforyoursoul with me & my friend Amanda Bauer! I’m so excited ‘cuz good convo is soul goodness! 🙌🏻TOPICS Amanda & I talk about:

🙅🏻break the cycle of overthinking & do what inspires you

. how stop comparing yourself & start taking better care of you

🌱why real life conversations are powerful and how they heal you

🍫why how you feel is important and how to lift your mood

 .💖Soulcare Tips for the week: scientific research on the power of flowers, real conversations and sharing emotions

+ more!

I also give an update on what I learned this week as the beloved. Inspired by my book #WhispersofRest. Pick up a copy!

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