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Whispers Of Rest

The Kind of Year I Am Really Longing For

By December 28, 2019 Leave a Comment

One of my favorite sounds in all the world is the sound of water traveling over pebbles in a creek bed, in the quiet hush of early winter. I may be walking with only the rustle of foliage underfoot on a trail to keep me company and the occasional songbird calling out to its friend.  But, when I happen upon a creek, I always feel a peaceful feeling drawing me near, and I can’t help but smile, as if I had found a treasure all to myself. I love standing beside the sound of fresh water moving through, seeing sunlight glimmering on wet rocks with each turn it takes, carving a path forward. I’d imagine myself like a leaf cast downstream, carried by the energy of something wild and free.

This is how I am feeling, as I write to you as the year draws to a close for all of us. I am longing to find something beautiful, wild and free within me – and I’m wondering if you’re also looking for something similar within yourself in the new year too?

The pebbles are like memories and events that have happened to me along my journey and the water is like the Holy Spirit – God’s presence touching my heart with His presence. I love reflecting on what God may be bringing to my attention. As I walk, journal, or stop to admire something out in nature, I wonder where He may be guiding me to go.

As I look back in the last ten years, I gave birth to a baby boy, suffered my first panic attack, suffered and healed from severe anxiety and emotional PTSD from childhood trauma – and I wrote two books about it all, painful memories  I never thought God would ever have any use for them.

But, God takes the moments we’ve put to the side and He says, I see you. What no one wants, I value and find beautiful. I cherish you.

It’s a very important month for me, because I turned 49 years old!  So, not only are we all stepping into a new decade together in 2020, I’m also stepping into my personal Jubilee Year, the Old Testament celebration of rest, personal liberty, letting go of debts, and what we might call the simple life.  Jubilee is celebrated at the end of seven cycles of Sabbatical years, where God’s people were invited to leave the land fallow and rest). Forty-nine is a special reminder to live free from burdens, because God takes care of us.

So, I’ve been asking, “God, what do I do now? How can I live more fully and freely as your beloved? What are the life lessons you’ve carried me through during the “fallow” chapters of my life – what gives me rest, what debts (emotional) do I need to let go of, and how can I …

Often when we feel down or something bothers us, we often tell ourselves it doesn’t matter. But what we are really saying is… to be continued on (in)courage where I’m posting today…

Read the rest of this blog post from my heart  “The Kind of Year I’m Really Longing For”. Share with friends to remind them of God’s love and care!

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