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Whispers Of Rest

Worried? Three Simple Soul Care Tips to Refresh You

By April 12, 2018 Leave a Comment

Sometimes, even when we know the truth that God loves us and He will provide, we still worry. Those are times we can put our worries in Jesus’ hands, take a break from our worries, and free ourselves to rest and refresh.

When Jesus was telling us not to worry in Matthew 6:25-27, He wasn’t telling it to us as a command to inflict guilt or shame if we do worry but to encourage us. He was saying we don’t need to worry because if God takes care of the flowers and feeds the birds—which people don’t even pay attention to—how much more will He take care of us, who are more valuable than they are?

So, you see, Jesus wasn’t indicting us for worrying. Instead, He gives us a powerful and beautiful strategy: Look at the birds. Look at the flowers. See how beautiful they are. In other words, when you worry, turn to look at something beautiful. Take a break and do something that feeds your soul. Be reminded of how special and important you are to God! It is such a freeing and beautiful message of rest and refreshment from Jesus.

We don’t need to feel guilty for worrying or get down on ourselves about it. Rather, God gives us …

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I’m so grateful. It’s my passion that every woman feels as beloved & beautiful as she truly is! If someone like me who has gone through panic attacks & anxiety can be set free to be refreshed, to find joy again, I know you can too! That’s what I pour out on every page in this book for you, sweet friends!

Thank you especially to those of you following my journey for years, as I healed from my panic attacks triggered by childhood trauma and supporting my first book Finding Spiritual Whitespace ! Without your love & support for me as an author, there would be no book #2 Whispers of Rest! xo



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