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Whispers Of Rest

This is the Way. Walk In It. My Love Guides You. (Prayer Podcast 3) #WhispersofRest

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When you feel confused and don’t know which one to turn, it’s tempting to despair. It’s okay. Stop. Listen to God’s gentle, assuring voice of love – This is the way. Walk in it. My love will guide you

Sometimes, we wait for a plan to emerge. But love unfolds in a different way. God whispers, instead, His words of reassurance –

 “Whenever you turn to the right or to the left,
your ears will hear a voice behind you saying,
‘This is the way, walk in it.'”  
Isaiah 30:21

Today, I invite you listen to this week’s NEW intimate Whispers of Rest Prayer Podcast with beautiful music and scripture reflection.

Whispers of Rest Prayer Reflection Podcast #3
Day Sixteen: Dream as the Beloved

As you step into today, how is your soul feeling? Still and at peace? Distracted or worried? Take time now to be still and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to peace. Listen to this guided audio time – inspired by my book Whispers of Rest devotionals this week.

Open your heart. Let God whisper of rest touch you with His gentle Voice of love.

🌷 Do This Today: Listen to the Prayer Reflection Podcast #3: Dream as the Beloved

Click the arrow below to listen right now.

Or click here to download onto your phone . Take it to go! (you will see a down arrow on the right hand side. click that and it will download on your phone)

Break out of your prayer routine and listen to today’s Prayer Reflection Podcast #3: Dream as the Beloved with beautiful music (click here). It’s an audio quiet time. Listen on a walk, driving, or relaxing anywhere. I’ll send you a new prayer podcast every Tuesday.

Can I offer a prayer for you, as you enter into this time of audio prayer?

Dear Jesus,

You see my friend  {firstname}, as she may be standing
at crossroads on her journey.
You see how it can be confusing to know which way to turn.

And especially when my friend has done her best
to follow your ways, you know how unexpected changes
can unsettle our hearts and cause us stress.

I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide my friend {firstname},
with just one whisper for her today.

Reassure her of your God-guided dreams.
You are the Shepherd who always goes before her,
so calm her heart, so she can hear your loving Voice.

She is your sheep and you never go so far,
that she cannot hear you.
Gently touch whatever needs your hand of love,
to reassure her of your loving arms to guide her.

You know the word she needs. Guide her with your love.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Draw Closer to Rest in God’s Love
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How does it feel to pray using the prayer podcast?

How is God encouraging as you listen?

What is He whispering to you?

Pull up a chair? Click to comment.



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