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Whispers Of Rest

Lift the Burden of Anxiety & Busy + A Giveaway with Holly Gerth

By July 20, 2020 19 Comments

Even in the midst of hard things, you are still worthy of rest.You are worthy to enjoy something quiet that brings your heart delight. Jesus whispers, Let my quiet love bring you peace. Today.

In today’s post, I have a podcast, a book giveaway & a devotional I wrote for (in)courage to share with you! I have lots of encouragement for your soul, friend because yep, it’s been a rough week for all of us, hasn’t it?

I have a very special podcast guest, Holley Gerth, author of Cheering You On: 50 Reasons Why Anything is Possible with God on today’s new podcast on Coffee Break For Your Soul: Lifting the Burden of Anxiety & Busyness!

Listen to the new podcast on Coffee Break For Your Soul with my guest Holley and read on for a special giveaway for you!

Herb Emoji (U+1F33F) Listen to Coffee Break For Your Soul Podcast

I’m chatting with my friend and bestselling author Holley Gerth, with a book giveaway. We share how words can transform us and empower us in our times of anxiety. “God gets to tell me who I am, not any struggle that I go through in life.”

We experience anxiety because life gets stressful, but we can create space to let God touch us and refill us, so we can feel His peace. Having space for you to be you is important to God and to your wellbeing.

Current show:  Lift the Burden of Anxiety & Busy with guest Holley Gerth author of  Cheering You On: 50 Reasons Why Anything is Possible with God 

Listen now here. Subscribe to Coffee Break for Your Soul on iTunes or Spotify. Tell a friend. Write a review. I’d be so grateful!

I interviewed my good friend and author, Holley, as my podcast guest on Coffee Break For Your Soul and she’s giving away her beautiful new journal!

Book Giveaway! Be Courageous

Book Giveaway: Enter by posting a comment here by Sunday August 2, 2020. U.S. Residents Only. (Update: Giveaway date has been extended.)
Be Courageous: Write in a Way That Scares You a Little by Holley Gerth

Writing Course by Holley Gerth

Writers Resource! Check out Holley’s Writing Course Be a Kick-Butt Writer by Friday (here). Here’s the online writing course Holley mentioned in the podcast to sustain a long term writing success!

Three Loving Promises: Why You Can Rest in God’s Love For You

For weeks, I had tried keeping myself productive. Everything will be fine, I told myself. But deep in my heart, where no one could see, I didn’t feel fine. So much of life has changed in such a short period of time. There are no blueprints for what’s ahead, and everyday there are new uncertainties to shield my children from — as well as trying to process things for myself.

Stress and worries have a way of reappearing on our paths, don’t they? As I hiked up a trail one morning, I doubled up my powers of analysis to solve a dilemma I was stuck in. I figured if I circled around my problems long enough, I’d lasso them into submission and think my way out.

But all it did was fill my mind with more troubling thoughts. As I reached the top of the mountain and turned back to walk down, my heart felt paralyzed and torn, weighing the pros and cons of uncertainty.

Do you ever feel this way too — heart disconnected and longing for rest?

I don’t know what to do. Help me, God, I cried silently.

As I made my way down through tall grass growing unruly, I noticed something I didn’t see on my way up. Specks of orange poppies were blossoming, opening up under the sunlight breaking through the clouds.

How did I miss the poppies walking up?

It turns out poppies close tight as buds when it’s cold and windy. They’re so sensitive to the elements, folding in at night in the dark. Yet, when warmed by the sun in daylight, the petals open, releasing seeds to the wind.

Each of us is like that poppy. Our hearts can close up when we isolate ourselves with our worries, carrying our burdens alone. When we hide our hearts from God, we also end up feeling guilty because we don’t know what to do or how to pray.

But when we cast our cares into the warmth of God’s loving arms, the petals of our hearts open, and we can relax. Even when it might seem as though God is silent, He hears our prayers for help — even when they’re unspoken.

Perhaps you need to hear these truths as much as I do today, so here are three promises from God to help you rest and breathe in His love and peace:

Three Loving Promises: Why You Can Rest in God’s Love For You

1. When you don’t know what to do, God whispers, Cast your cares on Me.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

Just like flowers opening by sunlight in the field, you can release your worries to God — not by ignoring them but by confiding in Him. He longs to help you… to be continued on (in)courage where I’m posting today…

To read the rest today’s blog post, click here to join me at DaySpring’s (in)courage, where today’s blog post is published. Join me there and share a comment. I’d love your company!

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