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A Waste of Time

By On July 24, 2013

It was our second playdate. Technically, it was my four-year-old son CJ’s playdate.  I was there visiting with the mom at the breakfast table, sipping water.  She was asking how my book… Read More

The Artistic You: Finding Your Heart’s Way Back

By On June 29, 2013

I sat there, at one spot on a table that stretched long, parked adjacent to other tables, wrapping us into a square donut of seats. Faces blinked back at me from across… Read More

When Finishing Is Harder Than You Think

By On June 28, 2013

Twenty chapters in seven weeks. When I couldn’t even write one chapter in the past year. You’d think I would be celebrating.  Singing in the streets. But, I want you to know.… Read More


Touching The Artistic Life You’ve Hidden Inside

By On May 28, 2013

Are you hiding the artistic life in you yet longing to touch that part God's planted within you?… Read More

What I Killed & What I Want To Write Instead

By On May 2, 2013

I tell him he can read it later when he’s older. I tell him this is a book with some hard, grown-up stories. Stories that are kind of sad. That are not… Read More


Whispers of Spring: Turning My Heart Towards Jesus

By On March 21, 2013

Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between how you feel and where God wants you to go. I’ve taught myself time and time again never to trust my feelings, but to… Read More


Where Do You Go When You Are Lonely?

By On February 21, 2013

Where do you go when you are lonely? Where do you go when you feel all alone, but you want to be with someone who understands? I was walking along the ocean… Read More


The Heart That Says Yes

By On January 31, 2013

I knew it was time. I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as I could. Otherwise, nothing would change. My drawers would stay stuffed with stuff — that I haven’t… Read More


Living In the Moment When All You Have Is The Here and Now

By On January 30, 2013

I’m not sure where I’m heading. The morning has barely breathed its warmth on the grass.  Winter still blankets the hillside, with tree limbs stretching out and bare, like the arms of… Read More

A First Step: Becoming the {Beloved}

By On January 17, 2013

I didn’t want to call anyone or tell anyone what was happening. The first person I saw after experiencing my first panic attack was my medical doctor.  He wasn’t concerned at all.… Read More


No More Fairytales: Faith Is a New Kind Of Family

By On November 30, 2012

Psst. Guess what. I don’t want to tell you this. But, it’s true. I wasn’t able to celebrate the holidays the way we all dreamed for ourselves, as a child. A momma.… Read More

A Letter From My Soul To Yours Today

By On September 13, 2012

You and I. It’s been 8 weeks ago, since I first came to you with the news. Why I’d been away and why I had to write that day. PTS – Post… Read More

Because some days you need a double shot of faith