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If You Long to Let God Love You Fresh & New (Prayer Podcast 2) #WhispersofRest

By On June 13, 2017

When you feel too tired to pray, Jesus whispers – Lean in. Just let me love you. You’re worth it. Choose rest. In Deuteronomy 33:12, we find a beautiful blessing – “Let the beloved… Read More


Why God Longs For Intimacy With You (Prayer Podcast 1) #WhispersofRest

By On June 6, 2017

Prayer is incredibly powerful. But it can also feel dry or maybe difficult for many reasons. Yet, we all feel the desire to draw close to God. This longing to feel close… Read More


Movie Magic: The Hand Of Life

By On October 26, 2009

When we don’t feel like the life-giving person God says we’re purposed to be, Jesus knows better. I love watching movies. They are a fun, easy way to decompress and be entertained.… Read More

Because some days you need a double shot of faith