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How Do You Enjoy Time With God? Whitespace: A Photo Journal

By On March 31, 2011

We all do whitespace differently.  How do you enjoy spending time with God? We have been talking about soul rest this month. The central place I retreat to receive this rest is… Read More


Emotional Rest: Are You Afraid To Tell Yourself The Truth?

By On March 24, 2011

When emotions don’t line up with what you believe, how do you resolve rest? One thing my boys always beg me for is “tickle time”. For some strange reason, both two year… Read More


Reading Helps Reduce Stress: What Do You Read For Soul Rest?

By On March 23, 2011

Research shows reading helps reduce stress.  What books do you enjoy for soul rest? Writers step through all kinds of funny rituals as they approach their blank page of the day.  Steven… Read More


The Perfect Storm Can Bring Perfect Rest

By On March 17, 2011

With all this talk of restoring rest this month on Faith Barista, you might conclude that rest has come easy for me. The opposite has been true. If you flipped through the… Read More


The Unpredictable: Thoughts On Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami

By On March 16, 2011

Life’s tragedies are unpredictable.  How can we face the unthinkable? As I watched news reports on the destructive earthquake and tsunami that wiped out Japan’s coastline of homes and communities, I couldn’t… Read More


Creative Rest: It’s Not About The Numbers

By On March 10, 2011

In a social media age where everything is Google analyzed, Facebook liked and Twitter followed, how can we find rest in creativity? I recently created a Facebook page as a virtual lounge… Read More


A Whitespace Challenge for Rest

By On March 4, 2011

After kicking off our March series this week on Whitespace:  Resotring Soul Rest, I wanted to share my first Faith Barista post on Whitespace.  We will be exploring different ways to seek… Read More


I Stress, Therefore I Am: 10 Ways To De-Stress (Soul Rest Series Kick Off!)

By On March 2, 2011

Today's post kicks off a special Faith Barista March series on: ** WHITESPACE: RESTORING SOUL REST ** We're a third into the new year and I need some fresh inspiration on rest!… Read More


Recover From Spiritual Burnout: 6 Ways To Detox

By On May 17, 2010

Sometimes we live as if faith were a project to check off. Recovering from spiritual burnout is key in recapturing a life of joy. When you’ve got two small kids under the… Read More


10 Ways To Make Rest One Ambition

By On April 9, 2010

“When you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” ~ Victor Hugo I was driving around with friends from out of town, when we got… Read More


No Peace In Fortune Cookies — Thoughts After The Quake in Haiti

By On January 18, 2010

We look for signs of security when we face uncertainty, but God holds the keys to peace in a radical way of trusting. As a little girl, I loved going out for… Read More


The Call of Love Whispers

By On October 15, 2009

The weather has changed drastically in the blink of a day. Out here in California, we get caught in the rain, literally, because we are so used to dressing for the sun.… Read More

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