🎉Break Free from Stress, Worry & Anxiety: Sign Up for my FREE Wellness Bible Study + FREE Digital Copy of my new book: Breathe: 21 Days to Stress Less & Transform Chaos to Calm

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Come to Meall of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…
You will find rest for your souls.” Matt.11:28

Dear Friends, I want to share exciting news with you! My new book is finally HERE, sisters!  It’s called Breathe: 21 Ways to Stress Less and Transform Chaos to Calm

I wrote this NEW guidebook to refresh your soul with God’s love and peace! Learn soul care tips based on God’s Word and back by science that will help you break free from worry, anxiety, and stress. These are the same wellness practices I used to help me on my healing journey.

These are simple, powerful actions you can take to lower stress and spark God’s peace and joy to your emotions and body.

I’m SO excited to share this beautiful guidebook that I spent over a year writing for you! As I battled through long COVID, thinking of encouraging you carried me to the finish!

You know, as someone who has walked the journey of healing – from anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks – I’m SO happy I can share 21 ways to lower stress and anxiety in four areas of wellness, so you can flourish in your life with God’s peace and joy in:

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Social Wellness

Which area of wellness are you longing for more of God’s peace and joy?

Breathe will guide you to release your stress and refresh your soul, helping you break free from worry, stress, and anxiety in these four areas of wellness.

🎁 How? Click here to read the book’s back cover description.

SO, pre-order your copies now and sign up for the FREE Breathe Wellness Bible Study here! You can 4 Live sessions + Community Support!

🎁 FREE 4-Week Breathe Online Wellness Bible Study!
Prioritize your well-being + focus on God’s Word in the New Year!

Take better care of you, grow closer to God, and create new wellness habits based on Scripture and science in the new year!

Sign up for your free bonus gifts now at thebreathebook.com

Here’s more information to sign up for these free Bonus Gifts below!

Enjoy my FREE online 4-Week Wellness Bible Study to tackle holiday stressors & practice soul care wellness to enjoy Christmas season with God’s love, hope, peace & joy. You get 4 LIVE sessions with me + Community Support! Replay available!


Start the new year prioritizing your well-being & God’s Word! Join this powerful FREE Breathe 4-Week Online Bible Study to Stress Less & Transform Chaos to Calm (LIVE sessions with me + Community Support) to take better care of you & grow closer to God. (Starts Feb 9, 2023) Replay available.

How to Receive your FREE GIFTS

STEP 1. Pre-order your copy of Breathe on Amazon (click here)

Who can you encourage? Purchase copies of Breathe to give the gift of wellness to your friends this Christmas so they can take better care of themselves with God’s peace and joy! They’ll enjoy the Bible Study & Holiday Retreat with you! How fun is that?!

Your friends will thank you for helping them stress less with wellness and God’s love!

STEP 2. Claim Your Free Bonus Gifts at thebreathebook.com (click here)

You’ll get access to the Private Breathe Online Community! Yay!

💗 Share this email with a friend to encourage her today! And women in your small groups. Thanks for your loving support! I’m so grateful for you! 

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my friend
and all the beautiful ways you’ve created her
to reflect your loving heart and your beauty
in the unique ways that only she can do.

Help her to feel as beautiful and beloved as she truly is this very moment,
as you hold her hand
and see all goodness you’ve prepared just for her.

I pray that you’ll inspire my friend
to read the new book Breathe that you and I wrote together
to renew and refresh her soul,
as you’ve guided me to share what has encouraged me
to help and encourage her too.

Bring to her mind, 
the faces of friends and family in her life,
who she can bless by gifting this book Breathe,
to share the message of your peace and love
– because each woman is worth taking care of.

How she feels matters. She matters to you.

Draw my beloved sister
into your gentle embrace of comfort today.

Thank you for loving her so deeply.
for she is your beloved.

In Jesus’ name,

🌷 PSST! I would LOVE to get your help and support! I’ll be posting a 1-min video on Facebook and Instagram later today to share about my new book! Please share and help spread the news about Breathe on your Facebook & Instagram! I can’t do this alone, and I’m grateful I don’t have to! Let’s do this together! Thank you so much for your love and support, sisters!  

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