The Pink Outfit and Learning I Am Worthy of Joy

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Dear Friend,

I stood on the escalator next to him, one hand on the rail, as we rose higher to the upper level. It felt so grand to be in such a fine place: the children’s department at The Emporium’s. It wasn’t a place where we usually bought our clothes, but today was different. It was one of my father’s first visits after the divorce. I was excited because he said I could pick out whatever I wanted.

My father shuffled beside me with his greased-up hair, baggy pants, and wiry legs moving in sync with my curiosity. He would pull out something random off the shelves. This is pretty . . . you like?

Then I saw it.

Hanging up high, perched on a special display, was the most beautiful outfit I ever saw: a soft bubble-gum pink corduroy jacket with silver buckles and matching pants. It was perfect. It looked amazing to me. Which one should I get — the jacket or the pants?

As I stood there tippy-toed, reaching up to fish the outfit down, my father told me to stand still and placed the outfit in front of me with one arm shot straight out, eyeing me like an old woman threading a needle.

“Turn around,” he said, pressing the sleeves against my wrists. “It fits. Daddy will buy both for you.”

As I stood there at the checkout register, watching my father pay, I couldn’t believe it. The whole outfit? My heart was bursting, full of something beautiful. It was new, and it was all for me.

Never in a thousand years would I have guessed I’d never have the chance to wear that jacket and those pants out in broad daylight.

When I got home and tried it on in front of the mirror in the hallway, I thought it fit perfectly, but I could tell from my mother’s eyes that this was the furthest thing from the truth… to be continued on (in)courage where I’m posting today.

Are you noticing it’s easier for you to encourage others to have joy – but when it comes to choosing joy for yourself, it’s difficult?  I can relate – and God understands – so I want to encourage you with today’s post, excerpted from my book Finding Spiritual Whitespace. During these tough times so draining for our souls, it’s more important than ever to be reassured that you are worthy of joy!

I felt so vulnerable sharing with you about this story, but I’m know the message of joy I’m sharing will encourage you! When I lead retreats, invited as a speaker to churches and women’s ministries, when I share this story, women have the biggest response to this story. Whether speaking to 800 in a ballroom or small group of moms, this story opens up so many soul-deep conversations, giving women permission to share their stories.

To read the rest of today’s blog post, click here to join me at DaySpring’s (in)courage, where today’s blog post is published.Head there now and share a comment. I’d love to hear what speaks to you, friend!

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