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Last year February before the pandemic hit, I finished a three-day personal retreat at a conference center along the beach. I spent time praying and journaling on the shore to prepare my heart for writing my upcoming new book about how God makes beauty out of our brokenness, titled Sweet Like Jasmine:  Finding Identity in a Culture of Loneliness. I had packed my bags in the car to go home when I decided to take one last walk.

I saw a woman sitting by herself in a wheelchair looking at the ocean, and as I passed by, I paused, turned to her, and said, “How beautiful you look soaking in the ocean! May I ask what brings you here?”

The woman started crying, tears filling up her gentle blue eyes and rolling down her cheeks. She swallowed to collect herself, struggling to get her words out, inhaling and exhaling each word.

I nodded, relaxed my shoulders, and sat down to show her I wasn’t going anywhere.

“I get . . . very . . . upset . . . when . . . I . . . feel . . . emotional,” she replied with great effort.

“I understand,” I said, pausing to let my patience reassure her. I silently prayed, Touch her with Your peace, Jesus. Help me to listen.

“Most people give up waiting for me to talk,” she continued. “They don’t like that I keep crying.” She spoke each word, flinching with difficulty.

“It’s hard to talk if you feel overwhelmed,” I said to her. “It’s okay. Pain is hard for people to be comfortable with... ​to be continued on (in)courage where I’m posting today

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Friend, I will be announcing my new book officially in a few weeks, but I want you know first!  This is what I’ve been busy working on for two years to share with you: a new book about how God makes beauty out of brokenness! 

It’s my most personal book yet about loneliness and discovering my true worth as a woman. I’ve hidden parts of myself, having been born in San Francisco Chinatown, as the daughter of a mail-order bride from Hong Kong and a father who was a busboy in a noodle shop. I tried to fit myself in a cookie-cutter mold. But, God’s love us empowers us to blossom as His beloved!

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