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find me in the quiet places: a little big change (Day 20) 21 Days of Rest

By On August 28, 2014

{thank you for your sweet words of encouragement for my time with the Military to meet with the Wounded Warriors Battalion from Fort Campbell, KY this weekend.  i truly felt your prayers for… Read More


Me & the Military? The Scariest Thing (Day 19) 21 Days of Rest

By On August 21, 2014

I didn’t want to tell my story. I didn’t want to write that book. Not the one about my pain.  Not the one about my childhood. What use is it to go back… Read More


To Robin Williams: What I Know Now (A Letter To My Younger Self) (Day 18)

By On August 12, 2014

When I heard of Robin Williams’ suicide and death yesterday, I was crushed with heartbreak.  I wanted to cry. Robin Williams made me laugh during a time in my life when my parents divorced.  When… Read More


3 Unexpected Ways God Makes Us Known (Day 9) 21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

By On June 18, 2014

I didn’t want to be known for my anxiety. Or my stress. And I certainly didn’t want to be known for my brokenness. But, at the cusp of a lifelong dream coming true –… Read More

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Dear Little Girl Lost :: A Letter, Photos & A Giveaway (Day 7) 21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

By On June 12, 2014

Dear Seven-Year-Old Bonnie, I know you would never want to say it.  But, I know you are lonely. I know you are always smiling.  But, deep inside there are tears. At night,… Read More


Rest Isn’t A Waste of Time: Day 4 {poeima} 21 Days of Rest Finding Spiritual Whitespace

By On June 4, 2014

A waste of time. It seems driving our kids to and from school – putting miles to do multiple grocery runs – or going to the dentist for a cleaning never falls into… Read More


When There’s No Plan B: First Crush & Soccer

By On May 15, 2014

Somethings can only happen when you find yourself unable to change your situation. It seems odd typing this.  Because I’ve always taught myself that no matter what situation I found myself in,… Read More


This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

By On May 9, 2014

This wasn’t supposed to happen. My second son Caleb was born and I knew any hope of ever pursuing my dream to become a writer were dashed. Babies aren’t projects. They don’t… Read More


Why You Should Not Write For Anyone Else {Your Story}

By On April 24, 2014

I’ve tried to write for everyone else. Except for me. I’m not talking about the book. I’m talking about my life.… Read More

Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray

Make Room For You. Your Story. For Rest.

By On April 22, 2014

Everyone has a story. All of us were once little girls. We all have memories. Some happy. Some not. Some we share. Yet, many more lay hidden in the secret pages of our heart.… Read More


Pre-Order Today! This Book Is For You. Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

By On April 21, 2014

  Today is the day, friends. I’d like to tell you a story. You and I, we’ve become confidantes through the words written here. But today is special. I want to tell… Read More


Be New. Easter {The Living Way}

By On April 17, 2014

You don’t have to wait until you’re completely new. To be you. You don’t have to wait until there is no more sorrow. In order to step into the light. To be… Read More