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Enjoying a Good Conversation Is More Spiritual Than You Think

By On October 28, 2010

For those joining in the Faith Barista Jam today: At the end of the post, click the blue button to submit the url of your post on "Hearing from God". If you… Read More


Are You Fascinated With Pursuing The Paranormal? The Truth About Ghosts & Witches

By On October 27, 2010

“Any paranormal event is honestly nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to frighten but with no real power to harm you or your family. The real danger is giving demonic spirits… Read More


The Terrible Letters We Read — Why Faith Is The Choice For Happiness

By On October 21, 2010

Everybody wants to be happy. So, what’s keeping us from it and what does faith have to do with it? I’ve been getting hate mail these days.  They don’t actually spell H-A-T-E,… Read More


Navigating The Gulf Between Inspiration And Application

By On August 3, 2010

“Executives know too well the gulf between inspiration and application is sometimes decades-wide.”  ~ Ben Dobbin Ever been zapped with inspiration, only to find a disconnect in your experience?   It doesn’t mean… Read More


Overcoming Dead Ends and Discouragement — A Blog Anniversary Reflection

By On July 26, 2010

“If God brought you to it, God will get you through it.”  ~ Pastor Paul Sheppard How do you overcome discouragement when you run into one dead end after another? If you’ve… Read More


6 Ways To Invest In Everyday Joy

By On June 4, 2010

Even if the economy has capsized our savings, we can continue to build an investment in Everyday Joy. In the mornings, I rummage through the top headlines to see what’s grabbing the… Read More


When The Journey Is Too Much (Your Story Part 1)

By On May 14, 2010

How do you live a good story with your life? The premise of the short film contest I just competed in, required that a good story must involve a character who wants… Read More


When We Try To Kill Our Stories: Contest Results & Reflection

By On May 12, 2010

“The parts of the story you want to cut out are the very parts that God wants to write in.” ~ Thoughts after publishing “Going Off Script”. I’ve been waiting for the… Read More


10 Ways To Make Rest One Ambition

By On April 9, 2010

“When you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” ~ Victor Hugo I was driving around with friends from out of town, when we got… Read More


Risky Business: Changing Negative Character Traits (Step 3)

By On April 7, 2010

“Precious, precious, precious!” Gollum cried. “My Precious! O my Precious!” He stepped too far, toppled, wavered for a moment on the brink, and then with a shriek he fell. ~ The Lord… Read More


The First Easter BBQ

By On April 4, 2010

“God is not proud…He will have us even though we have shown that we prefer everything else to Him.” ~ CS Lewis Easter is here.  Are you ready to… barbecue? This year,… Read More


Calling All Faith Baristas! Where’s The Bun? The Hamburger Principle Of Renewal

By On March 25, 2010

Over here in California, there’s a Golden-State-only burger joint I love eating at pretty regularly. In-N-Out Burger is known for its retro 50’s style, courteous service and fresh ingredients.  You can even… Read More