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The {Beloved} Needs TLC: You’re Going To Be Okay by Holley Gerth

By On February 4, 2014

“… in times of stress and change…You are going to require extra TLC. And the way you grow and thrive is different from anyone else, so it’s up to you to know… Read More


{Soul Rest Sunday} Plant. And Let Me Be Your Shade.

By On February 2, 2014

  Sometimes, when we least expect it, we feel our hearts stir. We hear that voice in us. That wants to live the life unlived. Where do we start? Are we too… Read More


The {Beloved} Photo Journals: How Has God Touched Your Heart?

By On January 30, 2014

I found a book while browsing the library shelves. I’ve been culling titles of memoirs to read (have any to recommend?), while re-reading old fave stories like Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, that… Read More


{Soul Rest Sunday} Step Forward. Come.

By On January 26, 2014

“Come, Lord Jesus. When this world is dark as night, You are the one we call the light. When we are tempted to go astray, You are the one we call the… Read More


{Soul Rest Sunday} Take Heart. It is I.

By On January 19, 2014

“You’re the one who chased us You’re the one who started all of this…   Yours the voice that calls us Yours the hands that hold us When we have come undone… Read More


{ Soul Rest Sunday } This is the Way, Walk In It

By On January 12, 2014

“echo through me. let me stay a little longer, so I breathe in more of you. if I could touch this moment’s wonder, I would not let go. kneeling close in  stillness…… Read More


Four Movements To Be at Rest And Be Yourself

By On November 14, 2013

I stood there. The door had slammed in front of me. It didn’t matter what I said or what I did. What mattered was that she was mad.  I would have to… Read More


The Artistic You: Finding Your Heart’s Way Back

By On June 29, 2013

I sat there, at one spot on a table that stretched long, parked adjacent to other tables, wrapping us into a square donut of seats. Faces blinked back at me from across… Read More

Touching The Artistic Life You’ve Hidden Inside

By On May 28, 2013

Are you hiding the artistic life in you yet longing to touch that part God's planted within you?… Read More

Walking the Little Girl In You Out Into the World

By On April 27, 2013

“Let nothing disturb you. Nothing distress you. While all things fade away, God is unchanging.” Prayer of St. Teresa I’m trying to type words onto the screen. But, there is only blank… Read More


Where Do You Go When You Are Lonely?

By On February 21, 2013

Where do you go when you are lonely? Where do you go when you feel all alone, but you want to be with someone who understands? I was walking along the ocean… Read More


Living In the Moment When All You Have Is The Here and Now

By On January 30, 2013

I’m not sure where I’m heading. The morning has barely breathed its warmth on the grass.  Winter still blankets the hillside, with tree limbs stretching out and bare, like the arms of… Read More