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“But a book is only the heart’s portrait — every page a pulse.” Emily Dickinson

As a grownup, I enjoy spending alone time in outdoor places, to air my thoughts, pray and rest.  Things were different for me growing up as a kid. I didn’t get the chance to explore nature as much.

Whitespace back then took place in a different locale.

I found soul rest in books.

I loved reading — engaging in unspoken conversation with authors I had never met in person, but found to be good companions between pages.

Just like I’d scan a room at a social gathering for a friendly face, I’d browse the shelves for a title that read like an invitation.

My closest companions since childhood came to me between paper and print. Now, as an adult, this love affair hasn’t stopped.

I’d like to share some books that have been good company:
(in no particular order)

{ Personal Fave Reads: Memoir }
books that speak to me

{ Personal Fave Reads: Spirituality }
    books that shaped my journey

{ Personal Fave Reads: Fiction } 
a good story makes good company
  (will share soon. making the coffee…)

{ Personal Fave Reads: Writing }
    for the craft
    (will share soon. making the coffee…)

{ Book Review Lattes }
    book reviews on the blog

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{ Personal Fave Reads: Memoir }


{ Personal Fave Reads: Spirituality }

{ Book Review Lattes: Reviews from the blog }

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