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Is Food Your Drug Of Choice? (Book Giveaway — Lysa TerKeurst’s Made To Crave)

By On February 7, 2011

“Food had become like a drug… it’s a good drug choice for a Christian… Every church event provided my drug out in the open with no hesitation…” ~ Lysa TerKeurst If you’re… Read More


Thanking God For Everyday Life and Dark Nights — Book Giveaway: Billy Coffey’s Snow Day

By On November 18, 2010

All this time, I thought my life was something I needed to build. Maybe instead of creating my life, I needed to find it… by noticing the little things.” ~ Billy Coffey’s… Read More


Are You Fascinated With Pursuing The Paranormal? The Truth About Ghosts & Witches

By On October 27, 2010

“Any paranormal event is honestly nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to frighten but with no real power to harm you or your family. The real danger is giving demonic spirits… Read More


Plan B: Putting Down My Magic Slate

By On May 18, 2010

“We are going to all get to that place where life hurts and our hearts are broken. We are all going to find ourselves in the middle of a Plan B… Being… Read More


Special Blend Interview: Holley Gerth Climbs Higher In Her Walk Of Faith

By On January 26, 2010

While some avoid the risk of hurt and pain, award-winning writer, Holley Gerth, chooses to climb higher in the walk of faith. Have you ever wondered how some people seem to exude… Read More


Remaking My Christmas Memories

By On December 4, 2009

I was looking for ways to remake Christmas memories from the past. I found inspiration in Tammy Maltby’s The Christmas Kitchen to create new Christmas moments with love that last. When I… Read More


Special Blend Interview: David Sanford Weaves a Mosaic With The Bible

By On November 20, 2009

For those looking for something different, Tyndale’s newly published The Holy Bible: Mosaic offers a unique experience to take in the Word. I recently had the opportunity to review a copy of The… Read More


Book Review: Slaying My Dragons of Fear

By On September 8, 2009

Can you imagine a life without fear?  Max Lucado’s newest book Fearless got me started. I was waiting to meet up with a friend, sipping a cup of decaf with Max Lucado’s… Read More


Book Review: A Pediatrician’s Wonder of Childbirth

By On August 12, 2009

Hubby has been an eye witness to the births of both of our boys.  But, if I ask him exactly what did he see, a painful grimace washes over his handsome face. … Read More