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The {Beloved} Begins: Anywhere. Just Begin.

By On January 16, 2014

I created an account two years ago on my birthday. I sat at a cafe with Hubby Eric on my birthday date. I asked him to keep me company. Look over my… Read More


Sometimes Giving Thanks Is A Journey To Become Known

By On November 21, 2013

I won’t be quiet. Anymore. Just like the blind beggar who kept calling out to Jesus. Even though everyone told him to be quiet. He didn’t stop calling out. I am finding… Read More


Four Movements To Be at Rest And Be Yourself

By On November 14, 2013

I stood there. The door had slammed in front of me. It didn’t matter what I said or what I did. What mattered was that she was mad.  I would have to… Read More


Be Present, Even When You’re Most Afraid

By On October 12, 2013

I didn’t want to go. Even though a part of me did. Back and forth, I couldn’t decide. It was a last minute decision — whether I should really get on a… Read More


Becoming Real: No More Hiding *Special MOPS Giveaway*

By On September 20, 2013

I told her I don’t know if she’d be interested. It wasn’t even 24 hours since I turned in the manuscript for my book. It felt surreal, getting an email from someone… Read More


It’s Happening! The Book I Could Not Write Has Been Written

By On September 19, 2013

Three weeks ago, I did it. I turned it in. I completed the 55,000 words for my manuscript. I sent my book to the publisher. I didn’t dare tell you about it… Read More


When It’s Time To Leave: Learning To Choose

By On September 16, 2013

She is beautiful, cute and young. She is going to wash my hair. And later, she will blow it dry, make it smooth and long, so that it curls just slightly at… Read More

New Clothes For School: A Mommy’s Prayer

By On August 19, 2013

My friend Babette is from Holland. She didn’t understand why her American mommy friends were getting their knickers in a twist last week. I had brought over some strawberry pastries for us… Read More

A Waste of Time

By On July 24, 2013

It was our second playdate. Technically, it was my four-year-old son CJ’s playdate.  I was there visiting with the mom at the breakfast table, sipping water.  She was asking how my book… Read More

The Dreams You Dare To Whisper: Never Been Kissed

By On February 14, 2013

“Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair.” G.K. Chesterton I decided to do something I hadn’t done in over a year, since my whole world… Read More


Living In the Moment When All You Have Is The Here and Now

By On January 30, 2013

I’m not sure where I’m heading. The morning has barely breathed its warmth on the grass.  Winter still blankets the hillside, with tree limbs stretching out and bare, like the arms of… Read More

When Clutter Isn’t Just About Your House, But Your Heart

By On January 24, 2013

It started off as a project to help de-stress hubby. I wanted to do something loving, to show my gratitude for all he’s done for me. After all, helping someone recover from… Read More