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rest & refresh

rest & refresh

slow down
feed your soul
enjoy alone time with God
savor quiet

be you

be you

journal your discoveries
publish your post on any day
or write in your journal
take photos

share your journey

share your journey

link-up your post on Thursday
or simply comment
share photos via instagram/twitter
use hashtag #spiritualwhitespace

Create Your Whitespace

Have you ever longed for space in your life to breathe?  To rest. To journal. To connect with God — by just being you?

Make room for you. For God. For rest.

Create #spiritualwhitespace.

What is spiritual whitespace? It’s enjoying time with God to slow down and feed your soul, to rejuvenate and rest.

Whitespace.  It’s the space on a page left unmarked. It breathes beauty.  Without it, clutter takes over the page.  Just as beautiful art needs whitespace, we need spiritual whitespace.  We need rest.

Here’s the challenge:  Give yourself permission to feed your soul and rest.

Find your #spiritualwhitepace — and share your discoveries with us in community.

I’ll be sharing my whitespace moments.  I would love to hear yours. Let’s be kindreds.

Click on the latest Thursday Whitespace post below to receive this week’s writing prompt.

Other Whitespace Prompts: 

– moments of beauty and rest
– feeding your soul
– your alone time with God

Or choose your own open writing prompt.  Be you.

Here’s How It Works

Here is our special June 21 Days of Rest Linkup Badge

Spiritual Whitespace Linkup

Every Thursday, make room for you.  Swap some stories. 

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Publish your post Thursday or Any day that works for you.

Use the Whitespace Linkup Badge
~ a welcome sign for each other.

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Link up on Thursday. 

Say hi & Comment on the post before yours.

To link up: click the blue linky button at the end of Thursday’s post.
Type the *specific* URL of your post (not the name of your blog).

{ 3 }
Choose the writing prompt I serve up on Thursday
or choose your own open writing prompt.

Write what prompts your heart.

{ 4 }
Share photos of what brings beauty & rest to your soul.

Use the hashtag #spiritualwhitespace on Twitter/Instagram.

It’ll be fun to see your whitespace moments!

May the writing prompt bring you to a quiet place inside your soul and spark a soul conversation to share with us in community.

mosaic sources: kristyns / / elisanuzzo / honeyandjam / dineanddish

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