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What Does It Mean To Really Forgive? (Day 17) 21 Days of Rest

By On July 31, 2014

Are you still in contact with your mom?  What about your father? I never know what the person who’s asking thinks about my answer.  It ties my stomach up in knots and… Read More


Letter from Home: Follow Your Heart (Day 15) (Custom Portrait Watercolor Painting Giveaway)

By On July 24, 2014

Dear Heart, I know I’ve been so quiet these past two weeks.  I’m not quite sure why it is I’ve felt so unable to speak, when all of life is swirling around… Read More


Dare to Unplug & Go Off the Grid: Five Ways (Day 14) 21 Days of Rest

By On July 10, 2014

So, I just came back from a week of being unplugged-off-the-grid on vacation in San Diego last week. I was unpacking (a week is a long time with two boys and a hubby) and… Read More


Whisper a Love Note: Quiet Words & A Giveaway (Day 10) 21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

By On June 19, 2014

Do you remember hearing the whisper of someone who loves you? Was it in the voice of falling in love at first blush — someone close and intimate to you? Or maybe you… Read More


Dear Little Girl Lost :: A Letter, Photos & A Giveaway (Day 7) 21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

By On June 12, 2014

Dear Seven-Year-Old Bonnie, I know you would never want to say it.  But, I know you are lonely. I know you are always smiling.  But, deep inside there are tears. At night,… Read More


Uncover Your Story. Come Celebrate. {A Book Launch Party: Finding Spiritual Whitespace}

By On May 22, 2014

All of us long for a place to breathe. Space in our lives where we can just be me. To rediscover what it means to feel close to God. To remember what… Read More


When There’s No Plan B: First Crush & Soccer

By On May 15, 2014

Somethings can only happen when you find yourself unable to change your situation. It seems odd typing this.  Because I’ve always taught myself that no matter what situation I found myself in,… Read More


This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

By On May 9, 2014

This wasn’t supposed to happen. My second son Caleb was born and I knew any hope of ever pursuing my dream to become a writer were dashed. Babies aren’t projects. They don’t… Read More


Why You Should Not Write For Anyone Else {Your Story}

By On April 24, 2014

I’ve tried to write for everyone else. Except for me. I’m not talking about the book. I’m talking about my life.… Read More


Be New. Easter {The Living Way}

By On April 17, 2014

You don’t have to wait until you’re completely new. To be you. You don’t have to wait until there is no more sorrow. In order to step into the light. To be… Read More


A Place For Us {Brokenness}

By On April 10, 2014

I don’t want to be one of those people. Someone who is afraid. Someone who can’t deal with hard things. Someone who has failed to overcome the things that could make me… Read More


Need Someone {Your Cross}

By On April 3, 2014

We all need someone. This is a beautiful, lonely, hard, and easy truth. Beautiful if you have someone. Lonely if you don’t. Hard for the times you’d rather not need. Easy for… Read More