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Producing Can Kill Your Voice: Art, Anxiety & Finding Your Voice

By On February 7, 2015

You may have gotten a lot done, but you may feel like you haven’t fully lived the day. This is what happens, if you are a writer or an artist — and you haven’t… Read More


Finding Your Voice. Why We’re Afraid to Write. Tip #1 [Confide]

By On January 17, 2015

Today marks the first post of a series I have been wanting to do for a very long time, but was afraid to begin.  It’s just not something I’ve done before. And doing… Read More


Become the Beloved in 2015 :: Beloved Brews :: A Bold Invitation For Your Heart

By On January 5, 2015

There are some things in life we have to write down, in order for them to become ours. There are some things we have to write down because writing is prayer. Writing… Read More


Why You Should Not Write For Anyone Else {Your Story}

By On April 24, 2014

I’ve tried to write for everyone else. Except for me. I’m not talking about the book. I’m talking about my life.… Read More

Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray

Make Room For You. Your Story. For Rest.

By On April 22, 2014

Everyone has a story. All of us were once little girls. We all have memories. Some happy. Some not. Some we share. Yet, many more lay hidden in the secret pages of our heart.… Read More


What Lies Behind Every Dream Lost {The Journey Series}

By On March 6, 2014

I had just finished proofing the final book pages last week. In the page-proof stage of getting a manuscript to print, all edits have already been made and mistakes have been corrected.… Read More


Dear You, Choose Your Heart. Find Your Voice. {Five Movements}

By On February 20, 2014

This past year, I’ve been receiving an increasing amount of email from our Faith Barista community about the journey to write.  Even though many of us may not be writers, we are… Read More


The Top 5 Lies of Perfectionism

By On February 18, 2014

Do you find perfectionism holding you back on the journey of faith? The top 5 lies of perfectionism can be wiped out with the truth. “Faith is a verb described as a… Read More


Just One Word: Giving Voice to Your Soul, Even When You Have Very Little

By On January 6, 2014

Every year, since I was seventeen, I’ve made it a practice. The day after Christmas until the New Year, I ask for a word. It’s always tucked inside the envelope of Bible… Read More


Set Your Heart Free: Write Your Journey

By On November 7, 2013

I was going to do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do. I was going to write a book. A childhood dream was about to come true. Instead, the act of… Read More


It’s Happening! The Book I Could Not Write Has Been Written

By On September 19, 2013

Three weeks ago, I did it. I turned it in. I completed the 55,000 words for my manuscript. I sent my book to the publisher. I didn’t dare tell you about it… Read More


A Waste of Time

By On July 24, 2013

It was our second playdate. Technically, it was my four-year-old son CJ’s playdate.  I was there visiting with the mom at the breakfast table, sipping water.  She was asking how my book… Read More