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I’m extra happy to share two free resources to help you take better care of yourself and detox from stress – to create space to rest and refresh your soul,  inspired by journey to heal from a season of anxiety and spark joy.

These are real soul care tips I found inspired by Scripture and scientific research. Tens of thousands of women have used these tips through reading my books or attending my Spiritual Rest Retreats  and have renewed their emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing with God. And I’m so excited for you too!

Use these practical ideas to help you to carve out rest in your heart and your schedule! You pour out so much of yourself. You’re worth loving and you’re worth taking better care of!

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{10 Practical Ways to Create Spiritual Rest} (book excerpt)
a menu of 33 simple ideas to enjoy rest from Finding Spiritual Whitespace

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{ 28 Ways to Rest Calligraphy Printable }
a beautiful, hand-lettered calligraphy printable, inspired by Whispers of Rest


-Color Version-


-Black & White Version-

Your wellbeing is so important to God and those you love on every day! We’re so excited to share these resources with you and hope you enjoy!

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