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faithbaristajamKeep Faith Fresh

Ever read a blog and felt the buzz of encouragement as people shared their experiences?

I have, right here when you share your stories on Faith Barista.

I get caffeinated with faith.

Here’s the challenge:  What if we explore topics of faith together as a community?

Join me in my quest to keep faith fresh.   Check out this week’s topic below.  Share your thoughts on Thursdays. Looking for a faith prompt? There’s a seat for you here.

This Week’s Jam Topic

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Faith Barista Jam Thursdays

1) I serve up a writing prompt. Let the topic soak in your heart, then publish your post the following Thursday and link up to share it with us.  If you don’t have a blog, just write directly in the comments.

TO LINK UP: Click the blue button below: “Add Your Link” and type in the *specific* URL to your blog post (not just the name of your blog). (Subscribers: click here to get there directly).

2) Place the Faith Jam Badge in your post.  It’s a welcome sign for our community, inviting others. Grab the HTML Code above. Thank you.

3) Then, pull up a chair. Visit the post before yours and say hi with a comment. Make a faith friend.

*Next Thursday 3/13/14 Writing prompt:
This prompt is inspired by themes of Lent. Week #2 of {The Journey Series}, the journey to Easter.

*Today’s Thursday’s 3/20/14 Writing prompt :
This prompt is inspired by themes of Lent. Week #3 of {The Journey Series}, the journey to Easter.

May the writing prompt bring you to a quiet place inside your soul and spark a soul conversation to share with us in community.

Like a jam session in jazz, it’s all improv. So, don’t sweat dotting the i’s and crossing t’s. The only requirement? Keep it real.

There’s no expectation to participate every week. But, watch out. Pouring faith shots can be addicting because of its encouraging effects!

By simply sharing our faith walk, we become a refreshing community, offering glimpses into our everyday faith.

It’s a great way to get inspired to blog about your faith discoveries.  You’ll receive a weekly faith prompt to explore and and offer glimpses into your everyday faith.