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OneWordCoffee Linkup


Welcome to our #OneWordCoffee Wednesday Link-up!  This #OneWordCoffee community inspires us to make space in a simple way, to be present, hear God’s whispers, to be renewed & refreshed. ?

Join us. Make space to slow and still.

Rest and hear God’s beautiful whispers for you.

Let’s share journey together, not alone. We’re kindreds, so I’m inviting you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday {the link-up button is located at the end of Wednesday’s post}.

How it works:

Every Wednesday, I’ll invite you to stop, pause, & reflect on a One Word prompt.

Then, you write and share how the One Word speaks to you. Or you can simply write about whatever God is placing on your heart that week. The writing prompt is optional.

#OneWordCoffee ☕️ A simple invitation to create a new rhythm for your soul. To stop and pause. And enjoy quiet conversations with God and each other.

Don’t have a blog? You can post a comment. If you’re reading this by email,  go to thebonniegray.com to read the comments & share your voice too.

Important! Please use the #OneWordCoffee button in your blog post so others can join us {use the html code above}. And when you link up your post, take a moment to leave an encouraging comment on the one that’s linked up just before yours. Thanks, sweet kindreds!

Experience this journey to be God’s Beloved. #OneWordCoffee with me.

** Share the moments that touch your heart with God’s beauty and rest.  Use the hashtag #SpiritualWhitespace on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It’ll be fun to see your spiritual whitespace moments!

May the writing prompt bring you to a quiet place inside your soul and spark a soul conversation to share with us in community.