Welcome to your Soul Care Quiz – You’re worth taking care of!

Take this Soul Care Quiz to lower stress and anxiety – and learn what type of care you need to flourish in your life with God’s peace and joy. 

Take this FREE Personal Wellness Assessment to receive a stress less analysis - and discover which of the 4 types of soul care you may be missing  - so you can restore calm to your body and emotions with God's peace and joy!

Break free from worry, stress, and anxiety and take better care of you. You are God’s beloved daughter!

How It Works:
Answer each question that touches on a different stressor. You will receive an email that helps identify areas of soul care you may need most to replenish your well-being. You're worth loving!

I wake up feeling unmotivated in the morning, with low enthusiasm for the day.

Dealing with pain in my body is discouraging and stops me from doing things I enjoy.

When I worry a lot, I can’t stop overthinking or feel guilty taking time for myself.

I worry about the future (or God's plan for me), keeping me from enjoying interests, hobbies, or people in the present moment.

Clutter in my home is overwhelming me and makes daily life feel stressful.

I'm in survival mode, struggling with busyness and burnout.

I feel too stressed to pray, but want to feel closer to God in a more personal way.

It’s hard for me to feel joy and it feels selfish to choose joy or prioritize my well-being.

Even though I feel tired at night, it's hard for me to fall asleep or stay asleep.

I feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained, with no time for rest.

There are toxic people in my life who add unhealthy stress to my life.

I hide my needs or feelings from others because I don’t want to be a burden to others.

I struggle with procrastination, fear of making mistakes, or self-doubt.

I feel exhausted, easily irritable, and find it hard to concentrate (e.g. feel scattered brain/forgetfulness).

I think about my regrets in life, but want to make peace with the past or pursue new ideas/inspiration God puts on my heart.

When I feel anxious, I find it hard to relax and stop negative thinking.

I want to be less triggered by my past relational hurts, so I can enjoy and nurture friendships.

I stay silent about my mental health struggles because I'm afraid others might think my faith in God is weak or flawed.

Financial stress is draining me of energy, leaving me discouraged and ruminating negative thoughts.

I struggle with social anxiety, even though I long for community in my life.

I feel stressed overthinking everything, analysis paralysis, and being self-critical.

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