Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress, worry, and anxiety, longing for peace in life's challenges? I understand your struggles and I’m here to guide you to flourish in wellness with Jesus through soul care and personal study of God's Word.

In our hectic lives, it’s easy to lose our sense of calm and joy, but there’s hope! The Bible offers a path to hear God’s loving voice even in the most stressful moments. Jesus invites us: “Come to me all who are weary and burdened and… you will find rest for your souls.” Matt.11:28-29

We can’t pour out to others if we don’t refill on God’s goodness – so where do you begin?

Here’s the great news: I’ve discovered a powerful path to healing and well-being by using SOUL CARE combining scripture + science with a unique Bible Study method to experience God’s peace and joy in your emotions and body. As your guide, I’ll teach you.

💗 In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Let God’s words shape your emotions positively.

  • Experience God’s peace in your heart, not just in your head.

  • Break free from stress, anxiety, and worry.

Don’t let stress overwhelm your life. Join us on this journey to draw closer to God, find inner peace, and experience the profound impact of studying the Bible in a personal & transformative way.

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😊 We start Wednesday October 18th!

Replays available for you to watch videos anytime

📖 5 Week Bible Study Course 

🌿 3 Monthly Soul Care Topic Workshops

🙏🏻 3 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

🎁 Bonus: 4 Week Advent Devotional Study 

🎁 Bonus: Soul Care Strategies Resource Library





Ready to renew your spirit? Click the REGISTER TODAY button below to reserve your spot and take the first step towards a more peaceful, joy-filled life.


Soul Care School
Guiding Women to Flourish in Wellness With Jesus

Learn how to study the Bible to hear God’s Voice more personally & take better care of your emotional, physical, spiritual, & social wellness.

Move from head knowledge to heart experience

Practice rhythms of rest to renew God’s peace and joy in daily life.


We’re gathering a community of Christian women who wish to flourish in wellness using soul care strategies & Bible study during the next 3 months.


Hi Friend!
I'm Bonnie, your Soul Care Mentor!

I still remember how exhausted and alone I felt overwhelmed with stress, worry, & anxiety.

I was a life-long Christian who loved Jesus, Bible Studies, prayer, and people along with tea, pastries, & serving in ministry. But, I suddenly began having severe stress, anxiety, & panic attacks as a mom of two boys.

As I blinked my tears away, unable to sleep, I realized even though I knew how to be strong & take care of others – I didn't know what it meant to take care of myself.

I lost my spark. I lost the spring in my step and the song in my heart. Peace and joy were missing. I was surviving, but I felt tired and uninspired.

Something needed to change. I began a powerful journey to learn SOUL CARE to nurture my wellness with Jesus using scripture + science.

I’m Bonnie Gray & I'm a soul care coach, bestselling author of four books, speaker, and host of the Breath Podcast. I help women detox from stress, worry, & anxiety – to find their spark of joy again, by learning how to take better care of themselves to flourish in emotional wellness. I'm a trusted voice writing for Proverbs 31 Ministries, (in)courage, Crosswalk, and Christianity Today.

Because the honest truth is – scientific studies back this up – women suffer from burnout more than men! Whether single or married – if you're pouring out as a mom or grandma with little ones or teens, a career woman, student, or ministry leader – we pour out non-stop. Yet at the end of the day, we end up exhausted. We end up at the bottom of the To Do list.

We’re so busy taking care of everyone else, we forget about our wellbeing. And that’s not good because God cares about you. How you feel matters to God.

How can we keep pouring out -- if we don’t make space for God to replenish our emotional reserves?

Well the good news is that just like flower petals get refreshed in water, we can get refreshed by taking time for ourselves to do simple soul care actions too!

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Testimonials from Women of Faith Like You

“Your message (of soul care) really resonated with me! I feel like I’ve been a caterpillar most of my life and like I’ve hatched out of my cocoon and am ready to fly and be FREE! When I’m starting a new part of my journey, I feel like I’m a caterpillar again. Relishing instead of resenting the small beginnings is something that really hits home with me! Thank you, Bonnie!”
– Rachel Druckenmiller 

Thank you Bonnie for helping me realize that when I come to the feet of my Lord and Savior and utter the words “I am here” that the “I am” part means bringing my WHOLE self, my REAL self, the one that he created me to be, the one that I’ve lost along the way through life, through stress and being a mom. I’m on a journey now to return to that bubbly, cheerful, loving, happy self that I was then and that I still am. I am here. Getting back to my roots.”
– Laura Burns

“I can’t even put into words what this (soul care teaching) meant to me. I heard Jesus speaking to me, so blessed to put to paper and paint. allowing his words to speak to my soul. What I’ve learned God say to me will not end with this weekend but be carried on throughout my days, weeks and years to come. Bonnie you are such an amazing sister in Christ and speaker. I will be forever thankful.”
– Heather Barth

“Soul care coaching with Bonnie is a breath of fresh air for your soul.  She has helped me to identify the myths I believe about myself and about life and we are working together to replace them with God’s truth.  She is encouraging me to take positive steps forward on my soul care journey, even when I feel resistance and hear critical voices in my mind.  She is like a caring big sister and a cheerleader and a straight talking best friend all in one. 

I highly recommend working with Bonnie as your Soul Care Mentor.  She has walked this road and learned so much along the path.  Now she is reaching back to help you as you walk your own life journey.  You do not have to walk this road alone.  Bonnie will show you how to see Jesus walking with you as she walks beside you as well.”
– Jessica Anoutoucci

I have been doing soul care coaching with Bonnie for a year and I highly recommend it! Bonnie has helped me work through a lot of harmful teachings acquired from growing up in a religious cult.  Over the last year I have learned that the verses used to control me were actually loving words from God…not condemnation or contempt at all!

It is also with excitement and joy that I have been growing and becoming more the person that God created me to be. Bonnie is compassionate and very kind.  Her knowledge of how the human brain works has also been invaluable in helping me learn, grow and discover my essence…my soul!