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Remaking My Christmas Memories

By On December 4, 2009

I was looking for ways to remake Christmas memories from the past. I found inspiration in Tammy Maltby’s The Christmas Kitchen to create new Christmas moments with love that last. When I… Read More


Special Blend Interview: David Sanford Weaves a Mosaic With The Bible

By On November 20, 2009

For those looking for something different, Tyndale’s newly published The Holy Bible: Mosaic offers a unique experience to take in the Word. I recently had the opportunity to review a copy of The… Read More


Book Review: Slaying My Dragons of Fear

By On September 8, 2009

Can you imagine a life without fear?  Max Lucado’s newest book Fearless got me started. I was waiting to meet up with a friend, sipping a cup of decaf with Max Lucado’s… Read More


Book Review: A Pediatrician’s Wonder of Childbirth

By On August 12, 2009

Hubby has been an eye witness to the births of both of our boys.  But, if I ask him exactly what did he see, a painful grimace washes over his handsome face. … Read More