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If You’re Longing For Beauty: God’s Winter Song For You

By On December 21, 2013

“Through the many winters, Your touch brings me comfort Your song lifts me up and carries me to Spring… Through all the tears to come, All my many trials Till the end… Read More

Where Dreams Are Born & How You Can Really Find Home

By On December 19, 2013

“The essence of belief is to venture forth in faith where reason cannot take us.”  Ian Strachan One of the things I’ve always longed to be was normal.  Like everyone else. Growing… Read More


Hope :: Letting Go To Embrace A Soulful Christmas {Advent Week 1}

By On December 4, 2013

“I have found it very important in my own life to try to let go of my wishes and instead to live in hope. Hope is open-ended.” Henri Nouwen I don’t remember… Read More


A Heart’s Homecoming: Taking a Different Route

By On December 29, 2012

“Having come to know Jesus, we are forbidden to return by the way we came.” St. Gregory The new year is approaching. It’s right around the corner. One moment, I’m sure of… Read More