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The Puzzle Pieces of Faith

By On September 16, 2009

Ever feel as if life’s a big puzzle with missing pieces?  I do. My son is not a kid with idle hands. From sunup to sundown, TJ puts the pedal to the… Read More


Building 429: The Promise of Always on 9/11

By On September 11, 2009

Artist: Building 429 Album: Building 429 Year: 2008 Title: Always Today’s Worship Smoothie is dedicated to the pain and promise of 9/11. There could be no worthier song I could offer to… Read More


Are You a Feargazer?

By On September 9, 2009

Instead of feargazing, we can be faithgazing.  When we walk by faith, we are following God, not a plan. When I’m torn between trying something new or staying with the status quo,… Read More


Book Review: Slaying My Dragons of Fear

By On September 8, 2009

Can you imagine a life without fear?  Max Lucado’s newest book Fearless got me started. I was waiting to meet up with a friend, sipping a cup of decaf with Max Lucado’s… Read More