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Anyone Seen My Blueprints? — How Trouble Fits Into God’s Plans

By On March 3, 2010

Is it possible to see God’s blueprints for us?  How does trouble fit into those plans? Years ago, I had a chance to manage a project to build a computer lab for… Read More


God Is My Father, Not the Bus Driver — Blessing In Learning To Wait

By On January 13, 2010

[Today’s thoughts continue from yesterday’s post After Avatar:  Passion’s Threshold of Faith.] Waiting often feels like inaction. How God views waiting and what He does in it surprised me with a true… Read More


The Joy of "What-Is-It?"

By On December 29, 2009

Sometimes we want to milk so much out of the day, we run into the wall of clock time.  God provides something to see us through, but it’s not what we expected.… Read More


Muffins In A Mailbox: Destiny and Delays

By On October 19, 2009

Grocery shopping with a three year old toddler and a seven month old baby can get tricky. With a twenty-pound CJ strapped in a baby carrier on me, I push a fidgety… Read More


The Puzzle Pieces of Faith

By On September 16, 2009

Ever feel as if life’s a big puzzle with missing pieces?  I do. My son is not a kid with idle hands. From sunup to sundown, TJ puts the pedal to the… Read More


Don’t Judge Faith By The Journey

By On September 3, 2009

Don’t assume your faith is weak when it seems your journey has taken a wrong turn.  In fact, you may be dead center in God’s plan and pleasure: walking by faith. I… Read More


Hi There, God. This is Bonnie, Your Regular Customer

By On August 5, 2009

The world works in a hierarchical structure.  Everyone knows there is an “A” List, a “B” List, and the I’m-Sorry-You-Are-Not-Listed “X” List.  I was reminded of this just last week when I… Read More