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Keep Doing Your One Thing (A Lisa Leonard Jewelry Giveaway)

By On January 18, 2011

*Special Lisa Leonard Jewelry Giveaway* Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate for Lisa Leonard Designs in today's post. Lisa creates meaningful, unique, handmade jewelry for both gals and guys. Most people… Read More


Enjoying a Good Conversation Is More Spiritual Than You Think

By On October 28, 2010

For those joining in the Faith Barista Jam today: At the end of the post, click the blue button to submit the url of your post on "Hearing from God". If you… Read More


Looking For My Real Father

By On January 20, 2010

“Why don’t you have a daddy?” At the tender age of two, TJ asked me a question I wasn’t quite ready to answer. From as early as I could remember, I have… Read More


After Avatar: Passion’s Threshold of Faith

By On January 12, 2010

Over the holiday break, I finally went to see the much buzzed about sci-fi flick, Avatar. The protagonist in the movie, Jake, led an ordinary life as a soldier. Then, Jake lost… Read More


What Kind of A Bible Coffee Drinker Are You?

By On November 19, 2009

There’s no way around it.  I am addicted to coffee. It’s not what you think.  Yes, I have a cup of coffee in the morning, to get a little caffeine into the… Read More


A Soul's Longing: Speak To Me

By On November 6, 2009

No other words than God’s will do.  Our hearts are silent.  Our soul is longing.  Speak to me, Lord. Artist: Tommy Walker Album: I Have A Hope Year: 2008 Title: Speak To… Read More