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No Peace In Fortune Cookies — Thoughts After The Quake in Haiti

By On January 18, 2010

We look for signs of security when we face uncertainty, but God holds the keys to peace in a radical way of trusting. As a little girl, I loved going out for… Read More


The Joy of "What-Is-It?"

By On December 29, 2009

Sometimes we want to milk so much out of the day, we run into the wall of clock time.  God provides something to see us through, but it’s not what we expected.… Read More


The Journal: Gifts Sent Incognito

By On December 8, 2009

I don’t remember what the weather was like that day, what I ate for breakfast or anything much else. The single image that protrudes from details washed away by time is a… Read More


Power Breakfast With Jesus

By On November 2, 2009

Self-branding is the hot buzzword for career builders, but it’s an obsolete term for faith walkers. I love breakfast.  It doesn’t matter whether you serve ham and eggs with OJ or a… Read More


Bike Lessons: The Art of Falling

By On October 20, 2009

Last weekend, Hubby and I witnessed our son’s rite of passage. Our soon-to-be four year old TJ was about to bust out of toddlerhood officially. Within a couple hours, my camera would… Read More


Muffins In A Mailbox: Destiny and Delays

By On October 19, 2009

Grocery shopping with a three year old toddler and a seven month old baby can get tricky. With a twenty-pound CJ strapped in a baby carrier on me, I push a fidgety… Read More


The Beauty of Whitespace

By On October 8, 2009

After reading the comments from the last post, The Bloom of Becoming, I was struck with putting out a Faith Barista challenge. It was apparent from the responses that we share a… Read More


The Puzzle Pieces of Faith

By On September 16, 2009

Ever feel as if life’s a big puzzle with missing pieces?  I do. My son is not a kid with idle hands. From sunup to sundown, TJ puts the pedal to the… Read More


Man Shall Not Live By Rice Alone

By On August 26, 2009

To ride out the economic hard times, let us encourage one another by filling up on God’s Promises. As a little girl, growing up American-Chinese in the church, I wondered what it… Read More


Laughter Can Be The Best Faith Medicine

By On August 18, 2009

Some might say that spirituality is measured by hours spent in prayer or in the Bible.  But, the ability to have fun can be a tell tale indicator of good faith health.… Read More


Quitting Can Be An Act of Faith

By On August 6, 2009

As Christians, we like staying the course.  We don’t quit.  But, to get us where God wants us to go, we sometimes need to leave what’s familiar behind. We teach our children… Read More


My Top 5 Spiritual Soul Foods

By On August 3, 2009

Today, I want to introduce you to my top 5 spiritual soul foods. In an earlier post, I ‘fessed up to my Top 5 Spiritual Junk Foods. I definitely gobble up spiritually… Read More