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Maybe you’re new to Faith Barista, wondering why you’d want to make this place a regular blog stop.

Below are the Top 10 Faith Barista Posts.

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Top 10 Faith Barista Posts, By Most Page Views

1. Why I’ve Been Away & Why I Must Write Today

2. Going Off Script:  Finding My Story

3. Fill That Glass Half Full:  The Golden Rules Of Fearless Living

4. Courage To Be Broken: My Real Thanksgiving List

5. Resting Through The Fog That Won’t Go Away

6. I Stress, Therefore I Am: 10 Ways To De-Stress & Soul Rest

7. Facing What You Fear To Live A Significant Life

8. When Easter Feels Overwhelming: Sometimes It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

9. Where Do You Go When You Are Lonely?

10. When You Face The Place of Empty

My Top 10 Old Faves

1. Laughter Is The Best Faith Medicine

2. Your Best Days Are Ahead of You

3. The Beauty of Whitespace: Challenge for Rest

4. What Does Your Name Mean: A Name Between Two Lovers

5. Never Been Kissed

6.  What To Do When Your God-sized Dream Stalls

7. God’s love is Perfected in De-Perfection

8. Power Breakfast With Jesus

9. Never Too Late to Make Room For New

10. What Kind of a Bible Coffee Drinker Are You?