Nurture your soul because that's where your stories come from.
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A unique 40-day soul care journey to guide you to a place of intimate rest – so you can write refreshed with God's peace and presence!

Be the beloved.

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  • You’re Worth Loving: 40-Day Soul Care eBook
  • 6 Soul Care Teaching Video Series
  • 6 Refreshing Prayer Podcasts
  • 6 Scripture Coloring Pages
  • Weekly Journaling Art Page
  • BONUS: Top Tips: How to Write Your Book (Video)
                     32 Rest Ideas
                     5 Ways to Overcome Your Writer’s Block
                     Silence Your Inner Critic 

About Whispers Of Rest

Life is noisy. But, what would happen, if every day — for the next 40 days — you soaked in God’s love as He intimately whispered words of rest just for you?

Whispers of Rest is a 40-day spiritual journey to refresh your soul, guide you to greater peace, and help you discover who God truly made you to be — His beloved. Renew your spirit with powerful affirmations of God’s love through uplifting words of Scripture, soul-stirring devotions, journaling prompts for reflection, and practical challenges to spark joy. Bonnie will lead you to places of rest, where you can deeply experience the Savior’s presence in your everyday life.

This beautiful guidebook will create space for your soul to breathe:

Soul Care Tips & Trail Notes – Reduce stress and nurture your body and spirit.

Daily Beloved Challenges – Brighten your day by taking simple soul care actions.

A Simple Prayer Practice – Deepen your intimacy with God through easy-to-enjoy prayer prompts, inspired by classic devotional practices.

A lot can happen in 40 days. A new rhythm. A new heart. A renewed faith.
 Transform your life as you take the journey to say yes to God, embrace your true identity, rediscover your dreams, and begin your healing. Dare to enjoy each day fully and celebrate your calling as the beloved.

BONNIE GRAY is author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace. An inspirational speaker and retreat leader, she has touched thousands of lives through storytelling, visual arts, nature, prayer and meditation.  Bonnie’s writing is featured on Relevant Magazine, DaySpring (in)courage, and Christianity Today. She lives in California with her husband and their two sons.

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When you order Bonnie’s Soul Care For Writers Package – you get access to all the Soul Care Resources (eBook, Teaching Videos, Prayer Podcasts, Coloring Pages, and Bonus materials) – to experience God’s peace and presence more powerfully and spark joy on your 40-day journey!

Weekly Journaling Art Page

Capture the beautiful words you receive or want to express – placed on God’s heart to yours each day.

6 Soul Care Whispers of Rest Videos 

Six 10-min teaching videos, shot in beautiful nature landscapes: ocean, beach trails, creek, redwood trees, meadows and mountains. Includes Scripture reflection time with music.

This powerful Video Series explores 6 themes of soul care in Whispers of Rest:
1) Being the Beloved: Embrace Your True Identity
2) Choosing as the Beloved: Reclaim Your Self-Worth
3) Dreaming as the Beloved: Reignite Your Passion
4) Healing as the Beloved: Deepen Intimacy with Jesus
5) Daring as the Beloved: Being Known in Community
6) Shining as the Beloved: Celebrate Your Calling

You’re Worth Loving: 40 Days of Nurturing Soul Care

Take better care of you with this daily guide to nurture and encourage you with simple soul care and prayers to take better care of you!
Thousands of women’s lives have been changed with this ebook!

BONUS: Top Tips for Writing Your Book {Video}

 Bonnie answers the Top Questions About Writing Your Story!
Be encouraged with Bonnie’s Top Tips to Write Your Book
Don’t Hide Your Story. Share Your Story!

BONUS: 5 Ways to Overcome Writers Block

Refill your heart and refresh your soul – and get unstuck with these 5 Powerful Ways to Overcome Your Writer’s Block, so you can breathe and let God touch your heart and your words will flow!

BONUS: Silence Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can just step aside with this FREE resource from author Bonnie Gray to Silence Your Inner Critic, so you can write your story and shine in all God has put on your heart to write and share!

6 Prayer Reflection Podcasts

Your inner critic can just step aside with this FREE resource from author Bonnie Gray to Intimate Audio Guided Quiet Time Still. Enjoy 10-min Scripture Reflection with beautiful music.

6 Scripture Coloring Pages

Relax, color and reflect on Scripture. Drink in God’s words of love for you

BONUS: 28 Inspiring Rest Ideas {Printable}

Beautiful Calligraphy Printable to inspire you to rest & refresh!


Rebecca Marie Jo

Managing Editor at RELEVANT Magazine

“If the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, Whispers of Rest is a map to that peace uninhibited.”

Kelly Givens

Senior Editor of

“In an culture where we wear busyness like a status symbol, slowing down and resting can feel uncomfortable, like failure. In reality, we’re wearing ourselves out, inviting anxiety and restlessness in.  Whispers of Rest calls us to a counter-cultural way of understanding rest – as something deeply good and deeply essential to our flourishing.”

“Bonnie inspires us to spark joy, experience God’s peace and celebrate the beloved that we already are. This intimate book of rest will bring you to Jesus in fresh and meaningful ways.”

Rebekah Lyons

author of "You are Free"
and Founder of Q Women

“In our noisy, nonstop life of busy, Bonnie Gray’s Whispers of Rest is a balm for soul. Treasure this book, as I have.”

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Author of "Design Your Day" and Entrepreneur,

Lisa Leonard

Founder, Creative Director

“Bonnie has bravely journeyed and shares her insights with us so we can learn alongside. She has spoken words of encouragement to me that have changed how I love my husband, children and friends and the way I live every day. Her heart is true and beautiful. This book will change lives.”

Michele Cushatt

author of "I Am: A 60-day Journey To Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is"

“Bonnie has a beautiful gift of creating quiet spaces where men and women can encounter God. Using truth and scripture to point us to Him, Bonnie invites us to rest.”

“Bonnie has a gift of pointing out a path of small steps that lead to big love from our Creator. This book is a trail guide to help us move toward the love Christ already has for us — and has had for us since time began — and invites us to enjoy simple practices that are soaked in truth. I’m grateful she’s sharing her gift with all of us in this book.”

Tsh Oxenreider

author of "At Home in the World", Founder

“The thing I love most about Bonnie Gray is that she lives every word she writes. Bonnie boldly goes first, so she can guide the rest of us into sacred spaces of rest a long paths she has already taken. A 40 day journey with this book with lead you through soulful and scriptural practices that remind you what it feels like to be God’s beloved, and will stir things in your soul that have laid dormant, waiting for the right time to come back to life. Reading this book will help you feel like you can breathe again.”

Mandy Arioto

President and CEO MOPS International

Josh Wilson

Award-winning Songwriter/Recording Artist, "This Was Then, This Is Now"

“Although we live on opposite sides of the continent, Bonnie and I have walked the same journey of finding peace with Jesus, even through anxiety. In Whispers of Rest, Bonnie does a masterful job of guiding readers to the quiet corners of our hearts, where we can hear the still, small voice of our Father reminding us that we are His beloved. A welcome reminder to distance ourselves from the cacophony of our daily lives, “Whispers of Rest” is like a “reset” button for a worried, hurried heart.”

Renee Swope

Best-selling author of "A Confident Heart"

“With soul-stirring insights, thought-provoking reflections and biblical encouragement, Bonnie Gray helps us see our deep need for spiritual rest and offers practical ways to find it in the midst of our everyday lives.
Whispers of Rest created a place for my heart to breathe and couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!”

“Whispers of Rest is a wonderful resource to detox from life’s busyness or hurts while learning how to practice good soul care. It provides inspirational tips to bring deeper intimacy with God and becoming renewed daily.”

Stephen Arterburn

NY Times bestselling author "Take Back Your Life", New Life Ministries Founder, Radio Talk Show host "New Life Live!"

“There are so many ways that I love this book. I adore Bonnie’s gentle approach to invite the one who has been walking with Jesus for decades as well as the spiritual novice. She has made room at the table for each of us to have an encounter with the Living God in a new, fresh and surprising way using the most ancient of practices. Whispers of Rest will be a part of my regular rotation of devotionals. Highly recommended.”

Kathi Lipp

Bestselling author of "Overwhelmed" & "Clutter Free"

Meet Bonnie

reviews-star-19bStarred review praise from Publisher’s Weekly —“[Gray] offers intriguing insights into scripture and on how God views his flawed but beloved creations…this is an invitation to walk the difficult road to self discovery and healing with a fellow traveler who understands.”  (read full review)

BONNIE GRAY is author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace. An inspirational speaker and retreat leader, she has touched thousands of lives through storytelling, visual arts, nature, prayer and meditation.  Bonnie’s writing is featured on Relevant Magazine, DaySpring (in)courage, and Christianity Today. She lives in California with her husband and their two sons.