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Right Now Matters & So Do You — Surviving The In-Between Time

By On November 13, 2010

A lot of everyday life is spent surviving the “In-Between” time — en route between where we are to where God wants to be. Without faith, we’re only left with the daily… Read More


Are You Fascinated With Pursuing The Paranormal? The Truth About Ghosts & Witches

By On October 27, 2010

“Any paranormal event is honestly nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to frighten but with no real power to harm you or your family. The real danger is giving demonic spirits… Read More


Recover From Spiritual Burnout: 6 Ways To Detox

By On May 17, 2010

Sometimes we live as if faith were a project to check off. Recovering from spiritual burnout is key in recapturing a life of joy. When you’ve got two small kids under the… Read More


10 Ways To Make Rest One Ambition

By On April 9, 2010

“When you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” ~ Victor Hugo I was driving around with friends from out of town, when we got… Read More


Calling All Faith Baristas! Where’s The Bun? The Hamburger Principle Of Renewal

By On March 25, 2010

Over here in California, there’s a Golden-State-only burger joint I love eating at pretty regularly. In-N-Out Burger is known for its retro 50’s style, courteous service and fresh ingredients.  You can even… Read More


From Sand Castles To A Deeper Intuition

By On January 25, 2010

Every day, the new year calls to me. A blank slate, a fresh page. Another chapter waits to be written, with the proverbial pen poised in mid-air. It’s simply unavoidable. I get… Read More


A True New: A Soul Resuscitation

By On January 11, 2010

I’ve stepped away from the keyboard and taken some breaths, lying on a spiritual gurney.  It wasn’t a metal stretcher I crawled onto for a week.  I laid myself down on a… Read More


Leaving The Shadows, Inviting Renewal

By On December 30, 2009

There’s a childhood favorite that gets read, re-read, and played out ad nauseum out here in the Gray household — Peter Pan. No matter how many times the story is told, I’m… Read More


The Beauty of Whitespace

By On October 8, 2009

After reading the comments from the last post, The Bloom of Becoming, I was struck with putting out a Faith Barista challenge. It was apparent from the responses that we share a… Read More


God Can Unthaw Your Frozen Dreams

By On August 20, 2009

God gives us dreams, but they can appear lifeless through the lenses of our circumstances.  The truth is that God doesn’t forget about us or our dreams.   Hubby’s a hard worker.… Read More


Hi There, God. This is Bonnie, Your Regular Customer

By On August 5, 2009

The world works in a hierarchical structure.  Everyone knows there is an “A” List, a “B” List, and the I’m-Sorry-You-Are-Not-Listed “X” List.  I was reminded of this just last week when I… Read More


My Top 5 Spiritual Soul Foods

By On August 3, 2009

Today, I want to introduce you to my top 5 spiritual soul foods. In an earlier post, I ‘fessed up to my Top 5 Spiritual Junk Foods. I definitely gobble up spiritually… Read More